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About Projet En Vie

Projet En Vie, is the window of two therapists from Quebec, Caroline Théberge and Jonathan Léger Raymond. It is also an information site on practical natural health therapies. Moroever, Projet En Vie – which translates to Project Alive – is bound to become a therapeutic retreat center to be established in Quebec in the near future.

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About Caroline and Jonathan

Caroline is a yoga teacher and shiatsu massage therapist. She also has a degree in occupational therapy.

Jonathan is an accredited herbalist specialized in Ayurveda, the traditional medicine of India.

Our philosophy

We firmly believe in the potential of using traditional knowledge and wisdom to help us cope with today’s challenges and needs. We also believe in the abundance of nature and the urgent need to harmonize our lifestyle to it.

Our intention is to settle down in a location where we can establish a community according to our values. For instance, we want to develop renewable energy sources and organic, companionship oriented cultivation.

This peaceful location will provide enough space to allow people to cure themselves, start their life anew, and learn about new ways to come closer to balance with themselves and nature. It will provide a land to nurture and propagate the essence of Ayurveda in Quebec, adapting its wisdom to the plants available locally.


Although this site isn’t published in English yet, we are familiar with the language. Therefore, please don’t hesitate to send us a message at jonathan@projetenvie.com or caroline@projetenvie.com

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